World Kidney Day 2016

The next World Kidney Day will be held on Thursday March 10, 2016. The theme for 2016 will focus on Kidney Disease & Children: Act Early to Prevent It. To get the 2016 campaign started or for more information on World Kidney Day,

World Kidney Day 2016: Awareness for Saving Kidneys
The general message of the world kidney day is a concerted knowledge against the illnesses that lead to end-stage kidney failure, through better education, improved economic opportunity, increasing community outreach and access to protective medicine for individuals at the highest risk. These might end the unacceptable relationship between chronic renal failure and disadvantages in these societies. Annually, world kidney day reminds us that renal disease is a common harmful complication and in many cases treatable. The task of the world kidney day is to develop consciousness so that everybody cares for their kidneys and, if suitable, check and assess if they are at risk of renal disease. Prevention of renal disease, prompt recognition, and following renal protection protocols are serious goals for the world kidney day. As an annual global alertness and education event, the 2013 World Kidney Day focused on increased awareness of acute renal failure among hospital staff and physicians and the necessity for a public awareness campaign to clarify this hazardous situation and make ‘kidney attack’ recognizable for the community, similar to that conducted by stroke and heart attack campaigns. Currently, acute renal failure is inefficiently directed in clinical education and training, and mainly ignored by people. Prevention of renal disease, prompt recognition, and following renal protection are serious goals of the world kidney day.

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